You mean "Not an upgrade from Helton?"

By: NYTrojan

Because it sure isn't a lateral move for Del Rio himself, who is currently unemployed.

It is definitely an upgrade from Helton.  Which would you prefer:

A coach with 12 years expeirence as an NFL head coach, taking historically very weak programs to the playoffs 3 times during that tenure

or A coach who had been an offensive coordinator for 3 years in college?  

Personally, I do not like Del Rio as a hire.  I think we can do far better.  I think we should be focused on college coaches.  I think the NFL and college game are just too different.  That Said Del Rio is an actual honest-to-goodness head coach and clear improvement on what we have right now.  He's run a program for a long chunk of time.  He's hired and fired people.  All of these are things Helton had never done before.  

I do not think Del Rio is a slam dunk hire by any means.  I think there's a good chance he fails.  I think this has Lovie Smith written all over it.  But he is at the very least a qualified hire and it's been a long damn time since we made one of those.

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