Agree on the WRs......not on Helf

By: LA Duck

I agree the WRs didn't pan out.  But I'm not ready to vilify Helfrich for that necessarily as so many ducks are ready to do.

We had a TON of 4* WRs who ended up transferring out for personal reasons or for getting into trouble: 

Alex Ofodile, Malik Lovette, Kirk Merritt, Tristen Wallace, Jalen Brown, Darren Carrington--all 4-star WR talent recruited by Helf that left Oregon or were asked to leave the past 2-3 seasons.

And can't count Taggart's so far worthless bunch of WRs from 2017's recruiting class.  That's not on Helfrich.

It's why we had to convert two players from the secondary who are currently starting at WR--Jaylon Redd and Brenden Schooler.

So here we are.

At least we're working with a top 5/top 10 class for 2019....that helps take the sting away considerably...

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