Cal/Wilcox ... maybe but doubtful

By: ZumaBeachTrojan

ASU had a capable qb and dangerous skill players ... you could see that coming.Cal does not. Wilcox snatched defeat from the jaws of victory at Wazzu. After all he was a Sark assistant. This will be a typical mediocre and sloppy played USC home game. Cal will rotate their QB's for no reason (Garbers is clearly better then Mcllwain), they'll run the ball well and then throw for some reason that makes no sense. Their D will play well but be forced to defend short field as they turn the ball and are stupid with the ball, specifically when McIlwain is in the game for no reason other then to change things up Meanwhile, , The Mad Hatter Gomer the Con will take same gameplan he took into Oregon State game because he thinks that turned it all around. Of course the opponent and their next to last ranking defensively nationally had nothing to do with his team's running success, so it'll be running into their strength and making for an ugly, odd, and amusing game which commentators will be wondering WTF is going on and when will the painful comedy ever end. Get the wrong PAC ref crew and you may see a record number of flags and a 2 am finish. When and where on the field the mistakes take place will decide this game. Game and clock management or mismanagement in case of Helton and Wilcox will decide the game. Both are disgusting at burning timeouts and having no urgency or clue. It is the rare game where whomever has the ball last will lose due to their own mistake costing them the game. Fire Helton Chants by the 2nd quarter is a prediction from the throng of an announced 50K but actual 38-40K in attendance. But, Cal,on the road, will do one more stupid thing than Gomer’s Pile and lose ... say 8-5
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