Unfortunately, I think you're...

By: StudioCity'98


SC's weak OL is well known. Run game looked good against the Rodents, but who doesn't run well against them. Running not likely to be so easy against Cal.

JT, when given time throws a very good deep ball. 6 is out, but I like 2 a lot. I'd like to see 13 get some PT.  And the O finally discovered the 5-7yr dig & that it's actually legal to use the TE to get 1st downs. Apparently still no Slants/Crossing rts in the playbook though. And no ability to run screens successfully either. #frustrating

SC's D is having is a very tough time replacing Porter. Lot's of rotation, like the play of 56 on the end. 26 is young, he will be good just not yet. 97, 93 are way too slow to slow for D1 FB. Nose & 3Tech are playing well, but young and need help with depth.

Safety play has been poor all yr. Thin position, but I expected much more from 7 this yr. Now 15 is out. Nickle moves to Srong, drop off in 5 & Dime pkgs now. Corners play hard (very tough position so I always cut the spot some slack), but SC's Corners get WAY too many grabbing fouls. That's just poor practice habit. They've been allowed to get away with it in practice so it shows up in games.

Cam is all over the field, love the guy. If he stays healthy he's likely a 4th-5th rd pick who plays at least until Free Agency. I've been down on 10 for two yrs, just didn't look like he knew what he was doing. Always arrived just in time to miss the tackle or jump on the pile, reminded me much like Sartz(?)(42) during the Pete yrs. But last few games looks like he finally understands the systems and wants to play. High hopes but jury's still out. I think everyone sees that IE will be a great player, LOVE the mentally & effort (should get #55), but still very raw.

I've only seen the Cubbies one game against Wazzu. Anemic O, but very fast, talented D. If they play like that this week. I'm thinking Cubs by 7, due to their D against SC's O. The good thing for SC's D is Cal's QB is no running threat.

SC is likely to get a punt blocked and/or have a Defensive TD against them. if so, Cubs by 10. If the opposite happens then it's Pick 'Um  

Likely gonna be a very tough November for SC. They were lucky to catch UA w/a hurt QB  & WSU when they did. Not even Chipper's young but very speedy Powder Blue's are a gimme game.

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