The Order of Things

By: Herbie Verstinks

I'm here to genuinely assist in this messy, but not impossible, process.  It's vital to get some semblance of respect back for the institution.  The Athletic Department cannot steer this bus, as they've done repeatedly in the past.   As an outsider with no allegiance to Southern Cal, here's what people (who have a grip on their senses) would do if in USC's shoes:

1.  Repent for your sins.  I said this seven years ago here, and no one listened.  So I'm here to say it again, because clearly there is still no one morally stable at Southern Cal.  So the current collection of leaders at the institution must first get down on their filthy knees and beg for it, cause they're gonna need it.  I mean this.

2.  Settle the lawsuits for the rapist gynecologist earnestly.  The donor group again is going to have to bear the brunt for the avarice and conceit of the school they are so endeared to (and financially controlled by).  Word is it could go over $1 billion in payouts, which is shocking, but it must be done.  You have to have the surgical extraction to begin to heal, and the school's PR and communications leaders have their work cut out for them to sufficiently express the immense level of contriteness, accountability and sadness they feel for their sins.  They're going to have to address - as are all people and fans connected to Southern Cal - their self recognition of their own un-controlled vanity and express a true mission of humilty and respect for others as they attempt to reposition themselves (and their reputation) back in society.

3.  Read this.  Consume this.  Follow this, before moving forward!!

4.  Hire the new President.  This person must be an outsider, with no former ties to USC whatsoever.  This will ensure the leadership is moral, ethical and humble.  The new President must have a vision for the institution that is directed by fair play and a genuine desire to build young leaders.  This leader will not be conrolled by fund-raising totals, manufactured and manipulated college-ranking schemes, and Athletic department glory.

5.  Show Lynn Swann his walking papers.  Only the new President can do this.  The  new President - being of right-mind and un-attached to the current USC mindset that only USC people are qualified for the best jobs (because they know best) - will quickly recognize Swann's unqualified nature.  The President will be aghast by Swann's fumbling and bumbling and truely wonder how this cat got the job, as there are hundreds and non-USC people vastly more qualified.  The new leader should have no reservations letting him go, and will most likely shake their head and smile privately after the fired-Swann walks out and closes the President's office door.

6.  Evaluate Clay Helton.  This must be done by the new AD only.  USC needs to set in stone a new order of leadership and direction.  This can only be achieved by completing all of the aforementioned steps.  It's a classical reformation of an institution.  The rot - causally connected to it's own hubris - must be dug out.  Once that happens, then effective leaders who buy into a new vision can (and most likely will) be put in place.  My gut feeling about Helton is he's probably no better than a 9-3 guy.  That will always put USC in the top-25.  USC football has historically done better than that, but they've never achieved national recognition without embracing deleterious means and activities to gain that stature.  USC most likely may always need a "Cheaty-Petey" to achieve glory they've demaded for decades.  The larger question is will the new leadership slink to (and support) that level of achievement, and refrain addressing the dirty side of success USC has always been connected to.  The question is:  Can USC do it ethically and cleanly (the Clay Helton way, but without the three losses) as will be demanded by the new leadership???  I'm not sure.

Thank you for your time.

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