To wit

By: Herbie Verstinks

I mean this in all honesty when I ask, you're aware of what's going on, right?  In light of the current crises enveloping the institution, it seems strange - if not non-sequitor - to tout an ethos (or epistimology - if you bothered to read the attached article, which you didn't) that is directly connected to the reprehensible behavior of the administration and governance of the school.

Your response seemingly come's right out of the 1970's, as if you're Donald Segretti himself.   And it strangely reflects the exact behavior that has led to the dreadful current events intelligent outsiders know USC is experiencing and the awful predicament it's in.   But it's more so just really weird, vane shit that harkens to the rich, white, ancient world of incestuous bombastic men making decisions affecting other people's lives with no repercussions - exactly the mentality that is strangling the school.

And help us with this:  You said, "What separated USC was USC football."  I ask, USC football separated USC from ......... what, exactly?  Explain this - it's fascinating.

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