The short-sidedness is staggering

By: Herbie Verstinks

You all seem to be transfixed on economics, which isn't a bad thing - especially in light of the looming rapist lawsuit settlements.  But your strategic vision is so sour and misdirected, it's rather embarrassing, and reveals a level a intellectual shallowness unmatched.

So you're concerned about the negative effects of Clay Helton's retention.  You got pretty clear understandings about the negative reaction by the fanbase and how the "football product" will be received next season.  You explain these forces are going to impact the school's increasingly tightening budget and viability, and that it's plain-as-day.  It should be obvious to everyone, right?  Ok.

So let's pretend I'm a defense lawyer representing one of the hundreds of sexual assault victims suing USC for malfeasance and enabling a sexual predator to continue criminal behavior for over 20 years without doing anything.  Pretty serious charges, if true.  How do you think the jury is going to respond when I point out the fact that USC - by firing it's football coach, paying a $14 million buyout to get rid of him, hiring a new coach for gods-knows-how much, and paying top-dollar for all of his assistant coaches - seems to care a hell of a lot more about football than it does for the welfare and protection of it's own students?

Outside of the horrible image that portends, how do you think the jury is going to respond when I ask for 10's of millions more in punitive damages?  I mean, USC must be swimming in it if they're throwing gobs of money around for sports, so why not compensate my client more richly for destroying her life?  Honestly, how are those jurists going to conclude otherwise?  I mean, you idiots need to step out of your red and yellow jumpsuits, get out of your man-caves, and re-think your ideas about bad economics.  I'll say that it's heartening to realize there are leaders at USC right now that made the Helton decision for all the right reasons.  Yes, right reasons.  They're right because they understand the optics - and the financial implosion - a Helton firing would cost the school downstream.

Stop with the smallish crowds and probable disenchantment with the 2019 football product - like it's soooo damaging to USC's aura and pocketbook.  Your pocketbook, and its accompanying bank account, is about to get roasted.  At least the smart people still around trying to get your bloody school back together know much better than you.  Thank God USC football goons and fat-cats are being forced to take a back seat in this affair.  Your protestations are god-damn embarrassing, really.


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