Explain why

By: Herbie Verstinks

A school hunkering down in the midst of financial crises is not a credibile action?  Is this what you're alluding to, because you don't explain, or do you normally just blurt single phrase malarky like Brick Tamblin?   Tell me why it's prudent to spend $30+ million on new football coaches when the school is facing $1.5 billion in sexual assault lawsuit settlements.  Perhaps even more.  Tell me how that isn't a bad look in the current "Me Too" atmosphere (whether you like it or not)?  Not only is what I saying 100% true, the decisions and strategies I've suggested are actually being put into place by people who have sensibilities and knowledge of the potential consequences.  Dismissing my argument isn't going to make your desires come true.  There's no easy-out for USC.  This is very serious stuff.  It's real.  It's damaging. And this isn't "I Dream of Jeanie."  You can't blink and suddenly make a new beautiful world appear before your eyes.  Really, how old are you?  Are you asking Santa for a train-set this Christmas?

I provided an argument and put logical steps on the table.  Let's see yours, Tex, or do you normally walk away from provocations?

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