No. I'd prefer a head coach

By: NYTrojan

capable of building an entire staff of Kingsbury's calibur so that 

1.  We would do better than Mediocre with him  

2.  We wouldn't depend on him so much for the success we may achieve  

3.  We can replace him when he goes.  


Kingsbury is an outlier:  A far better coach than Helton is intersted in or capable of bringing in.  He's coming because he has ties to LA and is looking for an opportunity to rebuild his resume given his recent fall at Texas Tech.  

That combination is rare.  If I had any faith Helton was capable of replacing him when he does go I wouldn't be so concerned.  The issue isn't "We got a guy with a foot out the door" it's that "If we didn't get this one guy, the dropoff is, as you say, all the way down to Sanford."

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