That's fair. don't read this though

By: NYTrojan

Here's my nightmare scenario.  It also sounds pretty damn likely doesn't it?

Kingsbury's offense is very good.  Team is still soft though.  Team is still undisciplined.  We go 8-4 and wind up in the Redbox Bowl in San Fran, or the Vegas Bowl.  

The whole season Kingsbury is annoyed and frustrated with Clay's meddling.  Kingsbury came on the promise that he'd have autonomy, but Helton pushed Daniels hard.  Helton is bugging him about balance (just as Helton did with Tee).  Kingsbury studied under Mike Leach who preaches "50% run and 50% pass is 50% stupid.  Balance is getting every player involved".  

Also Kingsbury is reported to be looking for an OC job instead of an HC job because he is looking to learn more about coaching before he takes his next gig.  I do not think it will take long for a sharp guy like him to realize that Helton doesn't run the tidiest ship.  That this isn't the place to learn what he needs to learn.  LA is nice and all, but even if he likes it here, I see it as a bad fit staff wise.  He'll hunt out another OC job at another blueblood or an HC job at a midmajor at the end of the year.  

Helton then goes and hires Sanford like he would have preferred to this year and keeps the WKU buddies thing going now that he has earned another 2 years of job security.  

We go on to sucking again but hey, at least we had the Redbox bowl.

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