He has players that like him?

By: Waldorf

That's probably the problem. 

Players like a coach until they don't.  Coaches who try to be buddy-buddy with players eventually lose the respect of their entire team.  We've all seen it happen, time and time again.  Rick Neuheisel anyone? 

You can't be buddy-buddy with someone if you're going to be required, at times, to tear that player a new asshole.  Do you think that Pili felt empowered after Gomer yelled at him for punching a UCLA player?  No fucking way. 

And then you run the risk of Coach Feelgood figuring out that he can't be Coach Feelgood anymore, so be becomes Coach Dickhead.  Witness Jim Mora.  He's everyone's friend, but then he decides he has to get tough so he puts half the fucking team in the doghouse.  Yeah, that worked out great!

No, I'm not suggesting that a coach needs to be an elusive, shadowy, mysterious prick.  And a coach does need to look out for his players, and the players need to know the coach cares.  But they're going to know the coach cares when he demands that they exert maximum effort, follow rules, and never quit.  A coach who demands that gets respect.  Nobody gives a shit about a coach who pats you on the butt when you fuck up and then screams at you the next minute only because he thinks he has to. 

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