That was the exact problem with Helfrich

By: LA Duck

Oregon players loved him, didn't respect him one bit.

You F up and Helfrich wouldn't really get mad....would support you more than chastize you. Not good.

I think we're seeing something completely different with Cristobal now at Oregon.

Most players appear to genuinely love and respect him.

But he DEFINITELY will put you in your place if you're out of line.

He's an expert in ju-jitsu, MMA, was going to be in the secret service, etc. When they did a survey of the top toughest head coaches in the p12 (ie who would you NOT want to get in a scrum with he came in 2nd to Whittingham.  Leach indirectly put Petersen Cristobal is a bad-ass. 

Case in point, Oregon went from worst in fewest penalties in the nation last year under Taggart (#128th) to #35 this season. That's shows a lot of things, including respecting and fearing your head coach.

Agreed, Waldo:  It's about commanding respect.  But not being a dick about it.

(BTW, guess which team is last in fewest penalties received this season and who the head coach is? friggin' funny!!)

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