Im going to her Christmas Party

By: crunchgodabruinknees

and I've met her a couple times.

She is as smart as advertised at first impression. She has repeatedly said she doesn't want the job, that she wants to go back to being retired..

Her and her husband have been longtime season ticket holders dating back to when she was just a professor.

She introduced Dave Roberts at one meeting I went to and talked for a while about her and her husband rooting for the Trojans for many years. She is very soft-spoken and low key.


You and your husband, Wade (MS ’84), are both active Trojans, right?

He’s an enthusiastic alum and so we always attend events. We go to the basketball games. We go to the football games. We come to the inspiring events here, whether it’s a dance program or a vocal program. We really enjoy being on campus."

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