what's the jap flag for?

By: San Clemente

like I said you are one really really weird dude.  


USC has become a laughing stock. 


Shall we review?  Darth Goatshit throwing a temper tantrum and running out of press conference. Or when another coach punched his lights out?  Or when he popped pills and booze and tripped down the stairs hours before a bowl game.  Or any one of the times Suck showed up to work drunk. or when Haden was drunk and ran down to the sideline and argued with the refs in the middle of a freaking game, or when hugs thanked coach haden for the job, or when the dean of the med school sent his car to pick up a 20 year old crack head hooker he found on craig's list who od'd from the emergency room to come back to his party or when he opperated high as a kite or when the student health doctor wouldn't wear gloves to do pelvic exams  or when the athletic director wrote a letter calling the head football coach a complete incompetent failure but that he had his full support and could  actually keep his defensive coordinator after he was told the coach was an obvious failure and had to be replaced, or what a disaster the coliseum has become or when the interim president invited a nazi to her christmas party. etc. etc. etc.   


did I leave something out?  if you can't laugh at all that, there is seriously something wrong with you. 


like I posted, you are one weird dude.sc

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