Cristabal will be fired in 2 years


if Herbert comes back Ducks will go 8-4 next year, schedule too tough to do better. The following year Ducks will be 6-6 and Cristabal will be fired. The dude can’t recruit. Can’t coach. He looks good, talks good, but he sucks as a coach and recruiter. Last years class was due to Willie’ core group. The only reason he got Sewell over SC was due to Big Joe. Same with Jonah, he likes Big Joe. Funa is just a punk kid who committed to Ducks to hold down a spot until his knee healed. Once SC found out it healed properly they offered. SC could take Dollars too if they wanted him. Cristabal just needs to stay away from Mater Dei and Bosco, they aren’t getting any of those kids unless SC doesn’t want them. But Cristabal is too stupid to know that being a Florida guy. Why the F do you hire a coach from a Florida? For the love of God, we have the dumbest AD in the land. And why is he always running the CFB playoff committee? He didn’t get WSU in to the ny6. He’s always gone when Ducks are trying to hire a new HC. Fire his ass already. I’m so sick of watching this team get beat up every other freaking weekend with a dumb ass coach, who thinks he can outre ruit SC at Mater Dei or Bosco. Dumb ass.
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