I've been a critic of Cristobal...

By: Contrarian

First, great post. It's hard for most fans to be realistic, but the Duck fans on this board usually are.

I took a lot of shots at Oregon here during the preseason, and stated that although Cristobal looks the part, his performance as a head coach down in Florida left a lot to be desired, and that this would carry over to Oregon.  However, I did state that the schedule was so easy that a Herbert-led Ducks team would in all probability go 10-2 in his first year.   i missed on that one.  

This shows how important a head coach is.   You have to get the right one. It's amazing how many AD's total fuck up hiring one.  Promoting a guy who had a 27-47 career head coaching record, even if he is handsome, has never ever ever led to a national championship.  It won't in this case either.


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