The air raid is all timing

By: Java

They don't stand back there and wait to get killed.  The OL looks great because the QB gets rid of the ball inside 2 seconds.  


Most of the long throws appear to ahe air under them that the WR runs underneath.  So I would guess that's what they will emphasize  


Can't double cover 5 guys in the pattern.  


One thing I have always liked about this style of offense.  There's usually a WR who hits someone at the line, tryign to free his teammate.    SO you have 2-3 guys out into the pattern.  This other guy usually gets lost somewhere and he drags across the middle on a delay.  Sometimes it's the RB though he's usually hanging out in the flat.


The WR dragging across the middle is a really nice underneath safety valve as the 2-3 other WR have taken the top off the D.  Lots of room underneath and the QB dumpe a little ball where the MLB used to be.  Looks like an old Bill Walsh West Coast offense play.   Catch the guy in stride.  Easy catch and easy 3-7 yard pick up.  Sometimes more.  


To me, THAT is how probe deep but retain the safe option for controllable move the chains safe passes underneath.  


I am really surprised it's come to this.  Good.  For years I have been reading aobut the Air Raid tree.  Sonny Dykes, Mike Leach and then how it spread and the discplies.   Then incorporating all the no huddle elements of the stuff Chip Kelly and company were doing.   Chip, Rich Rod, that crowd  


I truly truly hope USC runs fast.  Has pissed me off watching Sark talk about tempo and hurry up, then Tee and they run the clock all the way to 5 to snap it.  Or less.  Shoot, guys used to HUDDLE   talk about it, have a play run in, break huddle go to formation and snap ball in that amount of time.  


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