And I’m not

By: Java

Never have. Totally big frog small pond. I say that all the time. I joke that I’m King of the dweebs Like 16 candles. Moved here to start a business because opportunity was here. Stay here for that. I know of no one getting beat up on the svl golf course but maybe so. Played tennis there Sunday. Very nice tennis courts. I just whack balls on the driving range. Don’t fully golf. Get my jollies w golf doing that. Svl has no gates fyi. Never has Does have 24 hr security. Mall cops. As to central coast money. I’ve never liked it there. Used to vacation as a kid in pismo. Avila Take school trips to Cambria and aunt lived in Carmel Good friends there now. Cousin too. Just not my Cup of tea. Politics lean far left too. But this isn’t about me. This is about how dumb you have to be to be “almost” near the water. To not be able to afford ocean front or a really Good view of it so you do your very best to try to have a vanity address. If you really valued ocean access and view there are far better ones available that don’t tie up all your capital like his. Then again for him that probably IS all his capital. For a guy who is a glorified nurse he should be proud of himself that he was able to borrow all that money. Yet another oc doctor who is in debt to the banks. What a surprise. My homes paid for. So I expand my business with the extra capital that comes in. Since Sc enjoys analogies. I’ve lost More Money in the last Month In the market than His house is worth. And I don’t eat any differently
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