Hi USC team, a blessing in last years...

By: ElTrojan

terrible year.

If we  win just two more games last year, we go to a bowl game and not too much changes in terms of coaches and it is not likely we get coach Kingsbury - Huge LOSS!

As it is now, we get a GREAT OC in Kingsbury and we may have a great year.  In addition, we have a very tough schedule which is great news AGAIN because if we go undefeated, which is a possibility with Kingsbury calling the shots, we go to the final four.

No way get excluded if we go undefeated with the schedule we have in 2019. With the horrible season we just had and the tough scedule in 2019 we may just may have hit the JACKPOT!

The future looks good for the Trojan Family!

Right  SC?

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