OT : Driving in this storm, only read if bored

By: bigballss

you know how they say some of us in socal can't drive in the rain? I just found out, im one of those. I was trying not to drive anywhere today but a business emergency came up and a short 7 and half mile drive down the 57 freeway became necessary. Predictably, the rain came down harder as soon as i got on the freeway. I had 3 near death experiences in this short drive down the 57 North. Felt like i was driving 100 miles instead of just a few. slow the fuck down people! good grief, i was like Mr Magoo staring out my windshield, can't see too far in front of me, cars zipping by on either side. and in the back of mind, im thinking how i forgot to pack underwear in my gym bag this morning when i left the house. That's all i need to be ejected from my car, sprawled on the side of the road, my dick blocking the entire slow line and acting as a speed bump. Very undignified. So happy to be back in the office. You guys would miss the 7 layer bean dip in the fall. can't imagine driving in ice or snow.

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