UO's WR Dillon Mitchell declares for NFL

By: LA Duck

Good move for him.

Bad move for ducks.

Mitchell was a record-breaking star WR at Oregon, with no depth at WR around him. He was Herbert's go-to WR.

I absolutely agree Herbert is not ready for the NFL (and likely won't be all that successful once he gets there). But he isn't helped by probably the worst WR corp in the p12 in 2018, and that should continue into 2019.

I think Athlon has already pegged Oregon for the top 15 of the nation for 2019. You can't be in the top 15 without solid WRs, which we don't have right now.

I think the best we ducks can hope for is a one-game improvement in 2019-- 9-3 plus a possible bowl win. 

I'd be good with that pattern of regular season results -- 7 wins in 2017, 8 wins in 2018, 9 wins in 2019.

Reminds me a bit of the symmetry following 1995....after winning 9 games in both 1994 and 1995, Oregon would go on to win (overall wins--not just regular season wins):

6 wins in 1996 (6-5)

7 wins in 1997 (7-5)

8 wins in 1998 (8-4)

9 wins in 1999 (9-3)

10 wins in 2000 (10-2)

11 wins in 2001 (11-1)

Unfortunately by 2002 Pete Carroll was solidly onboard at USC, and the whole p10 changed in an instant.

And it wouldn't be until 2010 that Oregon would actually reach 12 wins....  :-)


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