Ha, You Actually Lost That One . . .

By: Bobopolis

NorCal is truly NoCal for events like this.  Anyone outside of NoCal sees the truth in that statement. 

If it was so great, why was the Rose Bowl sold out and the CFB game empty?  Heck, even if it were held in downtown SF, no one would want to go there in January.  Boring, cold, damp, angry city that is too congested and filled with homeless.  SoCal is a sure-fire magnet for these kind of national events. 

SoCal has Disneyland, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Universal Studios, Knott's, Palm Springs, great restaurants, hotels, sun, golf, beach, Catalina . . . all in great sunny weather and all an hour or so away!  NoCal has zip close by and what it has are Alcatraz, freezing beaches, foggy golf courses, windy streets and expensive dark restaurants.  Other than those things, it's a great family trip . . . in the summer!

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