That is true.

By: Waldorf

None of those guys are/were a good fit for the NFL as head coaches.  Kelly, I believe, is still a good fit for college football.  That will become clear soon enough.  

The others? Not so much.  Dorrell has made a good living as an NFL assistant, and his one (I think) venture back into CFB as a coordinator ended badly (Vanderbilt).  But as a position coach in the NFL, he's been steadily employed. 

Neuheisel?  Well, I don't think anyone is going to hire him to be head coach of anything important.  I heard he was the head coach of some shitass alternative football league that is just starting up, but I don't know the details. 

Mora?  Who knows.  I suppose someone might hire him someday to be a head coach, but it isn't likely going to be a major program.  He could find his way back to the NFL in some capacity, which is probably what he wanted all along anyway.  

My point is that just because the NFL isn't calling doesn't necessarily mean someone isn't a good coach.  In this case, that's probably what it means (except for Kelly, IMO, but after Kelly's time in the NFL, I doubt he ever goes back there).  I had this conversation with Spock in another thread -- some of us don't think the NFL is the be all and end all of football.  I personally think there are some real dumbshits coaching in the NFL, and I wonder how they ever got there.  And the product itself isn't all that spectacular much of the time.  JMO.

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