Of course I did. I just disagreed with it.

By: Dr. Spock

KK already has enough clout as an OC he doesn't need the Rams' boost.  If he worked under McVay he would only be treading water. McVay would get all the credit.

The upper mobility you are talkiing about only helps a nobody like LaFleur.  Before coming to the Rams, LaFleur's previous 2 seasons had been as the Falcons QB coach.  LaFleur is such a nobody he worked under Steve Sarkisian in the NFL.  LOL!

KK would gain nothing from that.  Oh, and the Rams NEVER offers KK the position of OC.  He was offered a consulting position.  KK wisely turned that down but just the offer was enough for crappy, desperate organizations like the Cardinals and the Jets to wet their pants over KK, at least as a potential OC.  They have no intention of hiring KK as a head coach.  They only want him as an OC.

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