Your realism more than borders on cynicism

By: crunchgodabruinknees

its do far into the cynical realm that you don't seem to see anything possibly positive.

I value that deep skepticism in lawyers, consultants, investigators, developers, contractors, and advisors generally.There are times to set it aside.

Don't confuse loyalty for naivete.

I support people right up until I dont.

I'm loyal to the university because it set me up for huge gains and benefits.

It's doing the same for my kid now putting them $100,000s  ahead of peers at a young age through an excellent education and an outstanding USC connection to a large VC investor.

It set my spouses family up for the same over the space of decades.

Yes I'm a loyalist. I keep my skepticism mostly 1-1. I told Provost Quick to his face over  free cocktails a few days ago along with a couple trustees that they were bungling athletics. I also suggested that while we're proud of the secondary sports but football matters. they asked me if I helped pay for the flyover. I answered that I didn't but I wouldn't be surprised to see the alumni march up Trousdale with pitchforks and torches to burn Helton in effigy. I told them I would have paid for the banner if asked.

At the same time, I donated noticeably to the school last year, stay involved, and helped bring in a donor for $5,000,000 to endow a chair (in a field I laugh at).

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