That's a stupid statement, even for you.


- Medical school dean fired for basically having a 2nd life as a brothel and drug den operator
- School gynecologist sexually abusing women for decades resulting in hundred of millions if not billions in settlements
- Marshall school dean unjustly fired. Donors are furious and gonna prob. cost them 40 million in donor commitments
- Their savior OC, who is a better coach than their current head coach, may resign for the NFL because their schmuck Athletic Director declined his right to interview with NFL.
- Assistant basketball coach agrees to plea deal to avoid going to jail for cheating. Of course there's no chance in hell their Head Coach wasn't aware.
- Ex Athletic Director, Hero QB, Rhodes Scholar and "respected" local businessman Pat Haden, who is already worth hundreds of millions, gets caught stealing millions from a charity for his family. This is the guy that used to be Mr. USC.


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