So a lot of happy and unhappy faces

By: Old Hickory Trojan

with KK jumping ship....and the runningbck appearing to follow the wholesale ND style change over consists of two coaches one a decent DL coach and the other a retread DB coach...that sure doesn't look like ND's turnover that Swann siad USC was going to th big question is what will USC do to get a OC that the kids that haven't signed and future recruits would want to play for? Do they go college or pro? If college who is out there that actually has a pulse? If Pro how many guys are innovative with their offenses left out there? Kendall Briles might be a good one but he just got a nice contract as an OC and has his father hanging over his head and Major Applewhite would never pass the morality screeners so who is left.....are they still talking about Mike Sanford? Understnad their is a young Mike Leach disciple at a lower division college thatbe a gamble but at least knows  Leach's Air Raid...or maybe swann lets Helton handle the offense

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