By: Java

As your husband down south would say.


Serious.  This is the only guy ever gto get a job and be oiffered an amazing opportunity?


OK, I'll play along.  KK signs with USC and is ENAMORED with everything.  USC is run PERFECTLY.  Arizona and the Jets come along and offer him NFL interviews for head coaching jobs.  He's never been an NFL coach.


You honestly expect him to turn down that opportunity?


Dishonesty is in any way tryign to make this about his employer or blame USC for this,


Oh wait.  let me guess Bosco, if Helton hadn't been so FAT this wouldn't have happened right?  HAW HAW HAW  Oh wait wait.  If Helton didn't like DONUTS, this wouldn't have happened right?  BAW HAAW BAWW HAW  Oh ohif Helton didn't like JESUS I bet this woulnd't have happened.  Yeah, because Helton HUGS players, KK saw he was an idiot and ran away to the NFL because NFL coaching jobs are so plentiful anyone with half a brain can have one any time they want.  Right?  


Tell me about dishonesty again?  

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