Fair Enough but there's no plan B

By: TommysChiliburger

That's a problem.  Quote from Gomer today:  "We will figure it out of the coming weeks..."  WTF do you mean weeks?  Why isn't there a contingency plan?  Totally unprepared.  Proper leaders would be working the phones tonight lining up interviews over the weekend and preparing potential offers to close on Monday or Tuesday.  Weeks?  F*&% off with weeks.


Swann isn't properly prepared for the job and Gomer is in way over his head to save the situation.  KK reached out to Gomer, he didn't recruit KK.  But I don't blame Gomer.  He is who he is.  If a retarded child craps his pants and smears it on the wall, you can't get mad.  He's a tard, what do you expect?  Swann, however, should know better and be better.

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