Kingsbury - doomed from start

By: considerthis

The deal with KK was doomed from the start unless KK's primary goal was to be a college OC for USC.  That was highly unlikely for a former head coach who was receiving a lot of interest even though he was recently fired.  More likely he wanted to be in line to be head coach at SC or another major program.  Maybe he even thought a good NFL job.  If he thought he had some chance at a good NFL job, there was no harm (for him) in taking the SC job until he saw what opportunities the NFL had for him.

If he did not leave for the NFL now and he enjoyed a lot of success at SC, he would have received offers from other schools or the NFL and would almost cetainly leave.  If he had little success at SC then Helton would be gone and it would be up to the new HC as to whether KK was retained as OC.  KK would not be offered the HC job with that type of performance.  The only way for KK to get the HC job at SC would have been for the offense to do well but the team having 4+ loss seasons.  That seems unlikely unless SC's defense suddenly began to extremely underperform.  Another possibility for KK to be the SC HC would be if Helton did something unexpected for him such as a rules violation or being caught with a female student.  If KK did a good job, and the defense performed in an average SC manner, SC would likely win enough that Helton could not be fired (even though he really was never and may never be ready for the job.)  That would mean KK would have to go to the NFL or another major program to accomplish his goals.  Except for Helton doing something outrageous, KK never had much of a future at SC.

SC must have known that KK never had much of a long term future at SC.  His best chance of being the HC at SC was to have success somewhere else.  After the decision to retain Helton was made, it should have been clear to Helton that his only hope of keeping his job would be to bring in someone who could comptently run the offense.  That made SC and Helton willing to give the job to KK even though they had to know KK would never be there long.  KK never would have agreed to something that would make it difficult for him to leave SC.

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