there is a difference between

By: Lexo

saying something is complicated even nearly impossible to saying that it is legally impossible. You are all a bunch of idiots. Keep backtracking and you will see the light soon enough. Dont ever challenge my legal knowledge again, you dumbfawk.  The question was can a BOT be fired you idiots said no, the answer is YES!!!

It took you a while so I will give you a C  for being the first to come up with the right answer. The other idiots in your group get Fs.

You talk about unusual? What is really unusual is the clusterfawk that is going on at USC. Is anyone at home over there? Med schoool scandal, OB/GYN scandal, leaving a disgraced former president on the BOT, hiring incompetent good ol boys to important positions, retaining a failed coach, getting used by another failed coach etc. You think all that is usual? Keep this up and you will get dropped to a D.

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