Helton is not even a replacement level coach.


We agree Helton is not a great coach.


I don't think he's a good coach.  That's pretty subjective, sure, but there are "good but not great" coaches in the Hall of Fame.  Terry Donahue was a good but not great coach -- consistent 6, 7, 8 win coach in 11 game seasons.  He's in the Hall of Fame.  Mike Price was a good but not great coach. Ditto Mike Riley.


I look at it from a Wins Above Replacement angle.  Helton is replacement level or below.  Who could you hire that would have done worse than Helton with the 3 1/2 teams he has coached?  Is there anyone who couldn't have gotten 5 wins out of the 2018 team?


I put Helton in a class that includes guys like Mike Stoops, Karl Dorrell, the two guys at Wazzu before Leach, maybe even Kliff Kingsbury.  Easy enough to replace that you could do it without working any harder than Pat Haden did.

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