You guys still don’t get it I throw you a bone

By: USC66

And you can’t lick it up. You get fired or keep your job by your record. That’s why Helton is Getting another year, his back to back 10 plus win seasons before last year. Thst is why I Called him a good but not great coach. Last year was a perfect storm of everything going Wrong, injuries, turnovers, close loses and some bad coaching too. The first three. Categories Injuries, turnovers close loses usually return to the mean which bodes well for USC next Year. Coaches are fired by their record not what the people on this board think. Everyone should Relax. A lot of people will be happy or unhappy at the end of next year. I hope USC Wins every game. A lot of people wantcUSC to fail so they can tell us they were right About Ahelton. It’s more about their egos than anything else.
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