Analogy I draw is I’ve coached a lot of

By: Java

Kids. Pitchers. And at age 14-15 I had several who were in the 80s Two are pros now and by their jr and Sr Years were in the low 90s. Imagine if every time they came inside Every time they clipped a guy. Every time they hit a guy above the waist you threw them out of the game? How the hell am I supposed to coach them? What do I tell the kid? And let’s march him off the field and escort him to the parking lot while we are at it. I can’t even imagine. And I think my analogy of a pitcher is a pretty good one. I was at the famous Michigan MSU game which was decided by the blocked punt. About 3-4 years ago. In that game a kid got tossed. Because of where he was and that the tunnel oddly at the big house is at the 50 yard line? They had to walk him about 3/4 of the way around the stadium because they couldn’t walk him through the band or across the field. So everyone’s watching. His head is down in shame. I’m thinking of his family. Mom. Dad. Girlfriend. And he walks 3-4 of the way around the stadium while the whole stadium watches and the game waits for him to leave. I wanted to throw up. The parade was way worse than whatever he did in that split second. And it cast a pall over the game for several minutes
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