why hate on him

By: Conquest2000

if SPACE X wanted to give Marvin Lewis $9Million dollars a month to design rockets and they constantly blew up on the launch pad people should blame Space X for hiring him, not Marvin Lewis for taking the job.

If someone wants to give you money in life never turn it down.  Money equals security for you and your family. Fuck whats decent, or the right thing to do.  Do you think anyone on this board or in life cares what the right thing to do is, when someone is willing to legally give you millions of dollars even though you are way out of your depths?  It happens in all walks of life, every single day. Fuck the left or the right politically, all politics begins at home. 

If you care what people think, stop reading the press and social media and go count your millions. it would be more worthwhile. Me I would be at Lakeside, getting a handy from the Coors light girl during the Hustler's Classic.  

NOW when it comes to Helton, He is fucking worthless piece of shit.  So I blame and hate the BOT, Haden, Swann, Lopes and the rest of the ass clowns at McKay and Heritage for reaping this piece of garbage on USC football, but I aslo blame Helton for being suck a stupid mother fucker.  He has some of the best talent in college football at his disposal and he fucks it up because he is a retard.  Sorry Special Needs Dumb fuck.

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