USC is Oregon under

By: Conquest2000

Chip.  Sure they have the talent but when the rubber meets the road versus good, even average teams we are fucked.  Except for Oregon it was when they faced teams that could get to the qb with just their front four (the Auburn's, LSU's, Ohio State's of the world)  Oregon couldn't compete.  For USC we have those guys it is just our coach is so fucking inept in a game versus a Alabama or Clemson, we would be starting from a deficiet even if the score were 0-0.    If we played any team in the top 10 this year we would need to be spotted 17 points to win or be close, with this fucking coaching staff. 

We spotted ND, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Cal, Oregon State double digit leads.  We went 2-4 in those games and by the way almost lost to Arizona, they missed a FG and extra point. 

A sign of a bad team is long score plays.  USC gave up 12 TD's of 40 or more yards.  they gave up 8 more of 30 or more.  20 TD's of 30 or more yards. FUCK we were awful.


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