spot on but I would argue

By: Conquest2000

for instance next year, ND plays UGA in Athens, let's say they beat UGA bad and lose a close one at Michigan, and Michigan ends up in the Big 10 championship but loses.  An 11-1 ND would have a stronger argument to make it into the college playoffs than say an undefeated Utah Pac 12 champion team.  ND plays 7 2018 bowl teams, at UGA, at Mich and at Stanford.  They also play USC, VaTech, UVA, BC, at Duke and an option Navy team and start the season at Louisville who is shtty but it's still a road opener. Utah's resume?  They beat up a shitty south divison, miss Oregon and Stanford, play Byu, Idaho and Northern Ill OOC, and then beat a North opponent who most likely will not be undefeated.  

Give me ND over Utah, I am sorry.  The level of competition isn't even close.

I think for the forseeable future a 1 loss ND team will have a better resume and more of an argument to make the CFP than a PAC 12 champ with equal or better record.  That's how miserable the Pac 12 is.  But hey we have won 3 national titles this fall.  Cross Country (Colorado) Water Polo (USC) and Volleyball (Stanford)  WOOO-FUCKING-HOOOO  

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