Does Harrell know these things ?


From Wolf's blog.........

Does he know three of four team captains asked Clay Helton to start Jack Sears over JT Daniels? And Helton said, “my hands are tied.”

Does he know Tee Martin tried to discipline a starting wide receiver during the 2017 USC-UCLA game by taking him out and Helton overruled him?

Does he know a player took off his uniform before the 2018 USC-Notre Dame game because he was upset he wasn’t going to start and refused to play?

Does he know the refs at the 2018 USC-Notre Dame game told Helton at least twice there were not enough men on the field for special teams plays?

Does he know two football staff members (not coaches) were disciplined for appearing to be drunk on the sideline this season?

Does he know a USC player told an assistant coach he would beat him up on the sideline of the 2018 USC-UCLA game because the coach reprimanded the player for committing a penalty?

Does he know Helton secretly called plays while maintaining Tee Martin called every play?

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