Not true

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Some may be made up since I have no way of referencing anywhere else but it is true that players wanted Sears....and interview with Porter Gustin early in the season validates that as he said sears was their guy and had a better arm then Daniels and was more of gambler who could use his athletic ability to offset defenses...Weber reported about the sideline garbage a few ties talking about the players swearig at each other, taking photos during the game and joking around during the game and it was reported that a couple of the logistics guys were rmoved during the season by Weber as well...he did nt mention for what but that they were pulled...the players also wnated more pad day and more hitting as that was talked about in length and they also wanted better S&C and nutrion ...again mentioned a few times in conversations wit Gustin and a couple I can't support without backup everythig Wolf posted but I can confirm some things were reported by other folks around USC...

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