Moral Relativism

By: Actus Reus

I'm a die hard Lakers fan, and don't watch them right now. Labron is an idiot. You see, I can separate Labron from other black players--I love Magic. I can't separate him from the Lakers. When he's gone I might return to watching basketball, but I've developed more discerning eyes and ears. Yes, I even avoid the brands he represents.

South American's, Cubians, Chineese, the Irish are all welcome to my country so long as they make an effort to assimilate into our culture. You see there is a difference between legal immigrants that come here and respect our values and those that don't. The same standard applies to people migrating to other countries. How are you so lost?

People from all over the world are flooding into California. Some hold on to their foreign culture, language, and values. They refuse to assimilate. They should go home. Those that don't are welcome to stay. We don't need more division. It weakens our country, don't ya think?

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