How do you figure?

By: Old Hickory Trojan

WOmen can do whatever they want to their bodies except kill another human being who has rights as well...but under the Democrats they want to kill another human being after he's born alive...see what the Virginia governor said ...see the latest bill in Vermont ...see what New York passed and take a look at what you have when a human being is being sure and hell isn't a gallblader...

and as far as seeking asylum..there is a legal process to do that...break the law and get sent must love all those MS13 asylum seekers or the drug that could kill 57 million american citizens that was just caught trying to come across the border...ya we need to let everyone the way they found when they did background checks a good number of those kids weren't with their parents...but no we don't need ot do any background checks and due process....they also found out that 62% of those enthering the US illegally are on some sort of government aid...great idea no wonder the Dem's want to raise Federal taxes to 70% and kill ICE.....geez. Land of the Free is for legal citizens...and if you can find anywhere else that is anymore free then here...let me know.

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