Personally I like USC's class except

By: Old Hickory Trojan

it was too large for a balanced Roster....and it had some kids that you have to wonder about and it died trying to get offensive linemen...but there are some nice players on a team that already has some quality players if they can be coached up and their offense can be learned and the discipline can be installed...but if you look at the quality of a good number of kids its very good and a few lower kids have some major upside...but I think there are at least 6 or 7 that just will not contribute except on the practice field...hopefuly USC has the 29 or so openings that were talked about and Helton can find three free agents to fill the spots that were sorely missing...and I beleive if USC can win at least 8 games next year and contend in the South which I see no reason they can't...this might just be a one year downturn...if they get smacked around and win a lot less Helton may be gone and if ( big if) USC hires a better coach the excitement may return and the recruiting picked up...but geez looking at the roster with only 8 seniors this team is still loaded with talent...downside 8 seniors means next year's class will need a lot of kids dumped or transfered or get medicals etc to have any meaningful sized class to recruit next season...

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