mirror on the wall...

By: LA Duck

....whose the next program to take a great fall?

My guess is they reside on a wall overlooking Montlake.  :-)

It's not about non-conference schedules--it's about non-p12 opponents.

Great--you can feast all you want on a down p12 year in and year out.

But Petersen has lost to every good OOC team he has played as HC at UW -- let's recap:

- Boise State LOST

- Alabama LOST

- Penn St LOST

- Auburn LOST


Cristobal after only 1 year hasn't played any really good OOC teams yet. He'll get his chance vs Auburn to start the 2019 season.

But beating Michigan State in our bowl is still better than any OOC win Washington has ever had under Petersen.

So....how'd recruiting go for you guys?  Rather than troll me, why don't you answer the original question?  Add something for a change here instead of acting like a troll.  I know you are better than that.  :-)


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