Helton must have done

By: Conquest2000

some seriously fucked up shit prior to becoming USC's head coach.  He is constantly looking to forge these lasting relationships at the sacrafice of keeping people accountable and demanding excellence.  He must be worried no one is going to show up at his funeral and eulogize him because he was such an asshole earlier in life so he is trying to make amends.   Thats gotta be the only explanation.   

Also where is the fucking competitive fire to be pissed about losing a guy like McCoy?  If he isn't openly expressing it I hope he is internallizing it and getting pissed off.  Thus far his temperament and actions at USC show he isn't doing either which is a BAD NEWS.  After the tOSU loss he should have been pissed.  JUST PISSED. instead he was like awschucks we got our asses beat. 

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