You're 100% right about his past.

By: Waldorf

Long before Clay Helton became a football coach, he was a contract soldier for a Philadelphia crime family.  He did a lot of "jobs" for his employers, which at first didn't bother him all that much. 

But after a while, he began to question whether or not his livelihood was worth it.  He began to see the damage he'd done when the children of some of the men he'd whacked got older; they seemed aimless and headed nowhere, and for some reason it saddened Clay -- who had previously been immune to any kind of fallout.  Clay would eventually attribute his conscience being awakened by watching a rerun of Gomer Pyle, USMC -- an episode in which Gomer learned a valuble lesson about mentorship after being severely beaten by the sadistic Sgt. Vince Carter.

Originally from Trenton, New Jersey, Clay decided it was time to make a dramatic and permanent change. He moved to Kentucky, changed his name to Clay Helton (from his given name, Salvatore Petrocelli), and decided to be a mentor to youth, particularly in the world of sports.  Previously the only thing Clay knew about sports was betting on horses at the track; he knew nothing about football.  That much hasn't changed, but he's a nicer man now. 

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