Steeles dad had something to say

By: bigballss

about Clay too, para phrasing " he is a nice man who is honest and who shouldnt be in the shark tank." Nice honest guys do better when they are coming off Rose Bowls and conference chanpionships. They are honest and succesful. good combo. when nice guys struggle they come off as incompetent boobs. Thats where clay is rite now. I will say this, I have seen turnarounds by the nice guy style. Clay has a tough row to hoe but he still has a lot of talent. The defensive front 7 is loaded and there are 4 and 4 stars all over the starting  offense. Wouldnt shock me to see Clay do better this year than last year. Good enough to save his job? depends on who is availabe next year.  I hear Socal weather and hanging with snoop is great for debilitating headaches.

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