reminds me of the Ricky Williams recruitment

By: bigballss

Jrob 1 had him locked up to SC (williams played in san diego). Williams took a trip to Austin and loved it. Sounds like Bru really liked something in  Texas that flipped him. The environment at SC for sure didnt help. Also reminds me of Justin Fargas and Jrob 2.. Justin seemed to be headed to SC, Jrob and Huejack had him pretty well set to SC and he liked SC. Jrob got fired and he went to Michigan before making his way back home. Or Lorenzo Booker who never really considered SC  despite Pete and Norm personally recruiting him. He watched matt and Reggie hoist heismans and champiosnhips while Fla state fizzled. as far as pot goes, there is a very active group of FAITH ful Trojans that like to pray, he could have hung with them. Nah.. he liked something about Texas...and SC has looked better. 

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