I think this guy in his post has a point

By: Old Hickory Trojan

when he wrote

 Keary and Drevno. No such hall pass for you two. You've been on campus long enough to cultivate these relationships. Tim, you've known for a year that you'd be taking over OL recruiting. No excuses for the whiffs along the way. Keary, so far not so good. I know there are circumstances beyond your control but to lose Bru AND Puka is a fireable offense in some coaching circles. 2020 is the year to live up to the hype that I had in my mind for you. 

Out of all the misses, it's Drevno's that could cost us in 2021 and 2022. We needed depth at OL and needed it now after an ill-advised 2-man 2018 class. As a team, this staff must sign the best OL out West. They can sell playing time that's for sure after landing only five in the last 730 days or so.


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