I don't know

By: mandb

To be honest, I have never seen any of the QBs on UW's roster, except Haener, throw in person. All I have seen is a couple of highlight clips. Not good enough for a reasonable evaluation.

UW has 5 QBs on scholarship: 5 star RsJr Jacob Eason, 3 star RsSoph Jake Heaner, 4 star RsFr Colson Yankoff, 4 star RsFr Jacob Sirmon and  4 star TrFr Dylan Morris.

The prevailing though is Eason as he has all of the tools (6-5 225 lbs with a very strong arm and not a statue) and experience. He was named the starter at Georgia as a TrFr and won the job again as a Soph but was injured a few games into the season and was replaced by jake Fromm. The rest is history. We all know how well Fromm did in relief as a TrFr and being a 'hometown hero', Eason figured it was best to look back towards home.

Yup, we have discussed the amount of Jake/Jacob QBs UW has and has has in the psat few years. Quite uncanny. But it seem there are more than usual the amount of QBs nowdays named Jake /Jacob, even the one from Georgia I referenecd above.


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