Harrell on the QB's

By: Old Hickory Trojan

after two practices he felt they had improved significantly with the things he felt were the most important...footwork, progression and keeping their eyes down field to find the open guy.....he said that after watching film with the three guys and going over their footwork in particular he saw dramatic improvement in the second day of practice...they moved quicker, made decisions faster and had their feet in the proper position for good throws..

It was also noted in an interview with Dan Weber that he (Weber)found a much faster team during practice...and that when guys startd to walk from one set of drills to another set on another section of field they were all sent back to run again from the first to the second set of drills...and that even without any pads in these practices the practices were much more physical then he saw last year with a lot faster movement and much harder contact.

Lastly, he (Weber) saw the offensive line moving their feet in blocking practices with a lot more attention to keeping their feet driving then he saw last year in practice and games. With lots of drills to emphasis that as well as the 11 vs 11's. He said whereas in the past the offensive line woud move one step and make contact and basically stop moving they are now expected to keep their feet moving which he said was like four or five steps after initial contact..he concluded that so far he was seeing a lot more coaching this year and also made special mention of Greg Burns and the new DL coaches as guys that were really an improvement on the defensive side..

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